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Update August 22 - 2010 Pro's Or Con's "The Master Cleanse Diet -Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

The master cleanse diet is designed to help individuals to get rid of the toxins in the body and start fresh. Since our body has become so use to the foods that are eaten daily, and most people are too busy to really focus on eating right and exercising regularly and live off of junk food and unhealthy beverages due to the constant upheaval in life, causing toxins accumulated in the organs leading to over weight and all kind of chronic illness. We provide you with the CON and PRO opinion of health experts, please read them carefully before making your choice, if the program is right for you. As always please consult with your doctor before applying

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Master Cleanse Diet Instructions

By Michael Ekman

If one is about to embark on the master cleanse it is important that they know the diet for before and after the cleanse. This is the essentially the most important of the cleanse, besides the cleanse itself. It is important to ease in to the cleanse to avoid any harsh side effects once the cleanse begins. After the cleanse has finished it is again important to have a restrictive diet to prevent the harsh toxins and chemicals from re-entering your body, thus negating the whole purpose of the cleanse.

For the ease-in portion of the master cleanse a simple do-without strategy is applied. One "does-without" processed foods, meats, and dairy. While this may be tough for some keep in mind the cleanse has not even started yet. Check out the local grocery store for raw fruits and vegetables that you would find appealing, without going too heavy on the fruits. A handy guide to buying fruits and vegetables for the cleans is go 60% vegetables, 40% fruit.

The next step is easing your body in to absorbing nutrients in liquid form. This is accomplished by juicing as much as possible or making broths, soups, whatever suits your tastes. Remember, this cleanse is designed for the individual and individual tastes can vary. Make sure to keep oneself hydrated with plenty of water throughout this period.

The last step of the ease in process is to consume as much orange juice as possible. Caloric intake is important for the master cleanse and orange juice provides plenty of calories and vitamins that are essential for one's body to survive. If one finds that they are not getting the calories they need through orange juice, maple syrup may be added.

After the cleanse has finished it is just as important to ease out as it was to ease in. Just like in any sport a cool down is a must. One should start by consuming at least 2 liters of orange juice a day for caloric intake. Feel free to add maple syrup if one feels like they are not consuming enough calories.

The next day is the rigorous diet of juicing, making soups, broths and all other forms of puréed vegetables. This is so the body gets used to accepting a diverse form of nutrients in a way that is soft on the stomach.

Lastly is to eat how you feel would be healthy. Now that you have given up processed foods, foods that are hard on your stomach, and others it would be wise to contact a nutritionist for the remainder of your diet. Remember, you just finished the cleanse, don't ruin it by going back on a terrible diet!

These Master Cleanse Diet Instructions should be very helpful in your pursuit of better health!

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